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What’s the Crime Mr Wolf – St. Nicolas CofE Academy

July 8, 2024 7:00 pm
Abbey Theatre
Under the watchful eye of Lord Feathers of Eiderdown, Fabletown’s Forest Court meets to bring charges against Mr. Wolf for his dastardly deeds. The prosecutors, Mr. Hugh Mann and his assistant, Justin Case, call a range of characters to give evidence from Johnny Mole (secret agent) to the Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood. But are the well-known characters of fairy-tale just what they seem? And how can a non-vegetarian human accuse a wolf of being a meat eater?
In this courtroom comedy we have wacky, singing squirrels as clerks of the court; Sergeant Trunk, Constable Twig and police dog Bark from Special Branch giving evidence; protesters more interested in pizza meal deals than protesting and secret agents that self-destruct.
Even you, as the audience are part of the trial – you are the jury and must decide whether the verdict is guilty or not guilty! Mr. Wolf’s fate is in your hands!

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