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All current and future volunteers must ensure they are registered to be able to access the rota’s.

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Staffing & Guidance Website

Welcome to the Abbey Theatre Staffing Website, where you can find all the technical information for the theatre. Current volunteers can also find Staffing information for the upcoming season.

This website has been designed to offer an efficient way for volunteers to find out staffing requirements for upcoming shows. The rota’s are constantly refreshed every 5 minutes, so requirements can be seen in real time. Please contact the normal staffing co-ordinator Dipak (Bar), Tony (Tech), and John Fletcher (FoH) to allocate your name against an available shift.

Please do not hesitate to go out of your normal comfort zone, if you would like to start gaining experience in different areas.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer then you will need to return to the Main website and register your interest on the Volunteer page.
In the meantime please feel free to have a good look through the site, and if you would like to add a suggestion for other things you would like on the website then please contact website@abbeytheatre.co.uk where we will look into adding this for you. After all, this website is here for your benefit.

Many Thanks

Craig Barnes
Staffing and Guidance Website Administrator

The Abbey Theatre – Nuneaton


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